Riding Lessons


El Portal Andaluz also offers private horseback riding lessons for those who wish to learn or improve their riding skills. It’s a 45 minute session in which we start-off on a lunge line. The lunge line is used as a warm up for the horse and an exercise for the rider to help improve their body position and balance. This exercise aids on securing your legs down and around your horse while focusing on keeping your arms still without tensing up. After the warm up we will put a bridle on the horse so the rider can continue the session with the reins. 

Before and after riding time, you will learn to put and remove tack safely on the horse and proper glooming. During the riding session, we do ask riders to remove their phones from their bodies to prevent it from falling, breaking or distracting them. However you are welcome to lend us your camera or mobile device to take pictures during the session. 

The price is $65 per lesson but we offer the option to buy a package of a minimum of 4 lessons, at a discounted rate for $60 each lesson.  Lessons for underage children are $55 and have the option to buy packages too. 

The address of El Portal Andaluz is 14101 SW 184th Ave, in Miami FL 33196. For more information or bookings contact Alexandra Rojas, she speaks both English and Spanish. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or cell (305)282-6174